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Our Commitments to Our Clients

We are committed to consistently providing our best efforts and abilities for our clients.

We are committed to being accessible and responsive to our clients. Upon retention of the firm, all clients are given the direct telephone #s for the attorneys working on their cases, and if we are available, we will answer calls when they ring. If you miss us and leave a voicemail message, we are committed to getting back to you within 24 hours of the message.

We will always strive to protect our clients from encountering problems, and we will work to resolve those problems that are brought to us as efficiently and effectively as we are able.

We are committed to helping our clients through the stress, concerns and questions that inevitably arise in the legal system.

We will take the time and effort to assure that our clients understand what is happening in their representation, and why.

We are committed to providing high quality legal services at a very competitive cost. Our hourly rates are at or below the comparable rates of many lawyers of similar qualifications and experience, and we have found that our efficiencies often result in lower bills, for similar services, than other firms' bills.

We are committed, to the extent reasonably possible, to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

We are committed to assisting our clients in avoiding the need for our extensive, and in turn expensive, representation. In this regard, we are committed to keeping our clients informed of their legal rights and obligations, in the hope that they may avoid problems, and in turn, the need to call on us to resolve their problems. While this may seem contrary to our interests, we firmly believe that what is best for our clients is also best for us. We believe that a lawyer who can keep their client out of trouble is better than a lawyer who can get their client out of trouble.

We are commited, in connection with our community association law practice, to improve the manner in which condominiums and HOAs in Utah are governed. We do this through active participation in the Utah Chapter of the Community Associations Institute, training of groups, counseling of board members and other association leaders, and, when necessary, the representation of parties in connection with disputes that do arise.